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Marketing Truisms Challenged!

Here's a marketing challenge. Take a family business that has been respected and successful for more than forty years and refresh their image while not losing any of the priceless veneer and polish that heritage and tradition bring. At the same time, reinforce its position as an essential resource to organizations as diverse as the Home Shopping Network, Hewlett Packard, O’Day Sailboats, Wells Fargo Bank, Federal Distillers, and Steinway & Sons. That's what Joseph Finn Co., Inc. Auctioneers & Appraisers wanted from Izbickas.

Whatever happened to niche marketing, market segmentation and planting one central image in the customers mind? That's exactly the type of conundrum which best suits Izbickas.

The solution? A corporate capabilities brochure with a traditional annual report visual format that comfortably combines striking images from a variety of technologies with auction and appraisal shots in traditional tones. Add in powerful customer testimonials, then, drive the message home with a listing of more than 150 industries and clients where Joseph Finn Co. is the auctioneer and appraiser of choice.

“Joseph Finn Co. conducts more auction sales of printing and post production plants than any other company in the world,” commented Edmund Izbickas. “And you don't become a worldwide market leader by tinkering with that image. We had to do this strongly and surely.”

Izbickas summed up, “Sometimes, when the challenge is both tough and varied, the old rules won't work, and to achieve your goal you have to innovatively challenge marketing truisms.”

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