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Let's Go On An Adventure!

When Corolle Dolls joint ventured with Discovery Toys, dynamic collateral materials were required that reflected proven product quality with a message that would be educationally motivating, visually captivating, and of course, fun! Izbickas directed this challenge with the design of multiple activity play booklets—L.A. Adventure! and New York Adventure! Packed from cover to cover with puzzles, local lore, postcards, games, and coloring, these play booklets are themed to take kids for a fun learning adventure through Los Angeles and New York and were included with the dolls.

“Playing with a toy is as much or maybe even more of an intellectual experience as a physical one” commented Edmund Izbickas, award-winning leader of the Izbickas design team. “With the play booklets what Corolle and Discovery Toys are emphasizing is that it is a child’s mind that makes a toy come alive. And when the toy comes alive so does the child’s mind!”

Izbickas continued, “It is truly rewarding to work with organizations that have exciting visions to aspire to... and projects like this bring us all to where we want to go... on a real adventure.”

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