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People and Movement Differentiate Brand

Izbickas was retained by, Technimetrics, Inc., a subsidiary of Knight-Ridder to produce a symbiotic branding campaign consisting of a capabilities brochure, trade advertisements and collateral direct mail components. This campaign promotes Finex, a specialized business-to-business marketing database identifying key decision makers selected by job function. An initial direct-mail campaign was followed up with an ad campaign and a capabilities brochure which can also be used as a customized sales presentation tool.

Competing sales and capabilities brochures are developed around iconographic clichés depicting bull's-eyes, targets and arrows without addressing the human element - putting qualified people together. Utilizing black and white photography depicting positive business situations, people became the focus of the visual direction. Then to address Technimetrics slogan "because a changing world creates opportunities," the photos were manipulated to add a sense of movement, reinforcing the need for accurate information in a business environment which does not stand still.

To enhance the human element, hand written comments and call-outs "violated" the page, giving the appearance someone had read the brochure and scribbled notes on the key information. Client testimonials. quotes, and individual applications further enhanced a human, hands-on visual approach.

This brand identity and campaign was awarded The American Graphic Design Award for Excellence in Communications and Graphic Design.

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