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Gutenberg impacts the Internet!

When Gutenberg first captured the wisdom of the ages on the printed page, the world changed forever. As we entered a new era, Houghton Mifflin needed a catalog to capture the excitement and promise of the digital impact without losing the history and feel of publishing.

Edmund Izbickas said, "I am constantly seeking creative vision from the old masters and yet every day it is essential that I use state of the art technology to communicate in today's market. That was exactly the feeling Houghton Mifflin needed to convey with this catalog."

"We used embossing to give the feel of a hand-crafted book and photographic images that depict stacks of classic texts leading to a bright future. The part that really pulled this cover together was our use of translucent material to transmit light, energy and vision," he continued.

Ellen Gandt, Director of Marketing Communication, Houghton Mifflin, added, "The catalog looks fabulous. It's the most attractive catalog design we've ever done, exceptionally bold and beautiful... an incredibly complex piece pulled together in record time."

Houghton Mifflin's world changed forever as it crossed the $1 billion threshold and Izbickas was there with a visionary design concept.

This project was honored with the Award of Distinction in the Creativity Annual.


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